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Why rush out to spend $50 to $60 on the latest video game when you can wait a week or two until they all beat the game and go trade it in for a few bucks? You can get a much better deal when you shop online. You can get the best new video games at the lowest prices anywhere. Even better than Gamestop.

Check out some of these prices below on your favorite video games for the Xbox 360, Playstation 2 &3, Nintendo Wii, and all your other favorite consoles. Search for your favorite used video game titles now. See this for more information about hardline cheats.

Get the best prices on used video games:

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How much money does game stop give for used ps2s, ps2 games, and psp games?

Im saving up for a ps3 and my name will be elemento965 online. Also how do i convince a parent to get an m game? Im 12 and all my other friends have them! Please help!

ps2 games have gone way down, also the system id say 20 to 30 dollars for ps2 system, depends on what games your selling on ps2 and psp, for more money sell top rated and newer ones.

how much will i get for thes used ps2 games?

how much will i get for thes used ps2 games at gamestop
Madden 04/05/ and 08
dragonball z budokai
smackdown vs. Raw 2006
atv offroad fury 2
Tony hawks underground 1 and 2
lord of the rings 1 and 2
Ratxhet and clank going commando
ace combat 04
and ncaa march madness 2003

call gamestop and ask…

but by looking at the games… dont expect much, less than probably $40 for all

Best place to sell used PS2 Games (games in detail)?

I want to sell some used PS2 Games. What is the best STORE to sell them, in New Jersey? I don’t want to sell them on eBay or Craigslist or anything online, I want to sell them in a store. The games are:

Dance Dance Revolution Extreme 2 (mat not included): barely played, looks unused, instruction booklet included, and barely any scratches.
MLB 07: The Show: ripped case, tape all over. Manual included, barely scratches. (bought on amazon for a buck)
Nascar Chase for the Cup 2005: looks brand new, case in PERFECT shape. CD has no sratches. Manual NOT included (I’m trying to find it).

How much money will i get for the games? Or should I use game credits in gamestop?
What is a Pawn Shop btw?

I’ll go to Blockbuster. The Reason is because there starting to get games in them and they would be WAY more than EB games or Gamestop. If you’re going to sell it on Gamestop or EB games there from the same Company so they would give the same amount of $ for both stores. and they both rip you off so better go with Blockbuster.

how much does gamestop pay for used ps2 games?

how much cash money do they pay?

Nothing worth selling for…you’re better off selling online. My brother took in his X Box, 36 games, and 2 controllers and they wanted to give him 50 bucks for it all. Yeah, there’s a sound investment.

How much would you pay for a used PS2 with games like GH 3, GH Aerosmith, Rock Band, 24: The Game and others?

Others like Ghost Recon 2, I can’t think of anything else but the GH games and Rock Band come with all the accessories.

200 maybe

How much would you sell this "lot" of used PS2 games for?

Need for Speed Most Wanted
Need for Speed Underground 2
L.A. Rush
Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2
Wheel of Fortune
Strike Force Bowling
Gran Turismo 3

i would sell each for 5-15 bucks each .ps2 isnt considerd a system anymore so the price of games will drop significantly.

what will gamestop take for my used ps2 games?

i have a few ps2 games still oddly and i need some help on the value.

i have:
guitarhero world tour
madden 04
gta vice city
ultimate alliance,

and i have gears of war that i dont really want anymore for my 360 so the price would help to!–Thanks

-Spock out

gamestop doesn’t pay much when u sell them games, id say about 30-40 bucks for all of that, not including gears of war. i sold halo 3, halo wars, band hero (game), assassins creed, and bf bad company 1 all for 360 for only like 50-60 bucks. you wont get much for selling them there, especially since theyre all for ps2. well, its either that or slow ass ebay :P

and for gears of war, maybe like 15 bucks.

also, it’d be appreciated if you send me a message just sayin how much you got from all of em, thanks!

Where is the best place to sell used PS2 games?

game stop, ebay, half-price books or somewhere else?

well actually this one website called goozex is the best they give you the most for your games but it works through points and its kind of slow to sell so if you want the best but gamestop is the best in person trading

do u get a game if you bring in used ps2 games to ebgames or gamestop?

if you bring in 3 used ps2 games can u pick any 360 game?

What happens is they give you any game you want as long as the price of the game you get is equivalent or less than the amount of money that the games you traded in are worth.

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